Protect your Family

Residential Pest Control

Fast, reliable and honest-that's what you get when you hire Adept Pest for your pest problems. We offer customized solutions at competitive prices to homeowners from Kent to Bellevue to Seattle.

From single treatments to annual pest control service plans, our technicians use green pest control products to rid your home of unwanted guests, like rodents, wasps and bed bugs.

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Guard Your Business

Commercial Pest Control

Whether you own a restaurant or retail store, the experienced exterminators from Adept Pest have the solution to your rodent or pest problems, offering single treatment and ongoing pest control plans.

Our competitive prices, along with a quick response time and reliable service, are the reason so many Seattle area business owners call us when pest problems arise.

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Trust our Experience

About Adept Pest Solutions

From the first phone call to completing the service, customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Our goal is to earn your trust by arriving on time, treating you with respect and providing a quality service.

When you call Adept Pest, we want you to feel confident you have made the right choice when it comes to protecting your home and family.

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What pests are currently active? Rodents and Ants.



With Autumn’s cooler weather, rodents are prompted to enter our home. They are typically quiet, nocturnal animals (active at night). They’ll come out when there is a less threat of predators and people. They’ll forage, breed and collect nesting materials while we sleep. When rodents enter our homes they can consume and contaminate our food. Rats are known carriers of diseases such as rat-bite fever, typhus, salmonella, plague, typhoid and tapeworms. Because rodents chew and gnaw by nature, they sometimes chew through electrical wires, telephone wires, cables, alarm wires including PVC piping. When this type of damage occurs, the repairs can be costly and in some cases dangerous.

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Odorous ant

Odorous House Ants

These ants live in colonies and may have 2 or more queens with over 100,000 workers so if you see a trail of ants walking across your kitchen floor in search of food, you’re only seeing a fraction of them. Adept Pest offers speedy service to rid your home of these pesty critters.

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