Adept Pest

Hundreds of satisfied clients in the Seattle Metro area

Having worked in the pest control business for the last 15 years, I have learned (from my customers) that what they want most from a pest control professional is a highly trained, service-minded technician to solve their pest issues.

While most customers are resigned to the fact that excellent customer service is a thing of the past or only comes with a high price, it's our mission is to provide the excellent service they seek. Over the years, my experience has taught me that when high quality service is provided, customers respond in kind, with appreciation, loyalty, referrals and repeat business.

- John Marshall - Managing Director

Locally owned and operated

While many still refer to us as exterminators, we prefer the term pest control technician. As a locally owned and family operated business, our technicians offer customized treatments to homeowners and businesses in the Seattle area to eliminate and prevent pest infestation.

All of our pest control service plans are tailored for your home or business and our technicians are trained to use pest control treatments responsibly with regard for people, pets and the environment. Our highly trained staff use the latest in green pest control products to combat rodents and pests, including ants, spiders, wasps, bees, beetles, fleas and termites.

Our goal

At Adept Pest Solutions, our goal is to bring back first rate customer service, along with providing highly trained pest control technicians that have the skills and tools to do the job right.

"Adept Pest Solutions made my first exterminating experience simple and convenient. They provided great service at reasonable prices. They constantly communicated (to me) the status of their work over email and also with digital pictures of the problem areas.

They also took time to educate me as to what the problems were and why they happened. I would recommend Adept Pest Solutions to anyone who is having pest problems!

Thanks again for your service. As you can see, I am a happy customer!"

- James, Redmond

Skilled Technicians

We know you have a choice of pest control companies in the Seattle area and so, we work hard to deliver professional service with a personal touch to provide you with peace of mind. All services performed by Adept Pest are completed by highly trained and skilled pest control experts.

All technicians have met the following requirements:

  • Licensed by the Washington State Dept. of Agriculture
  • Certified by Seattle/King County Dept. of Health
  • Attend training seminars year-round to stay current on the latest techniques

Guarantees and Warranties for Seasonal Home Pest Control

Adept Pest Solutions Guarantees all Wasp, Flea, and Carpet Beetle treatments from the date of service until December 31 of the same year.

If you have followed all of the recommended pre-treatment procedures, and the appropriate time has elapsed for the treatment to take effect, but continue to have a Wasp, Flea, or Carpet Beetle problem, we will come out and treat the same area again at no additional cost.

Stored Product Pest

Adept Pest Solutions Guarantees all Stored Product Pest Control treatments for 2 years provided pre-treatment procedures have been followed and the recommended time has elapsed in order for the treatment to have affect; if you continue to experience stored product pests after our treatment, all necessary and subsequent treatments will be at no additional cost.

2 year pest guarantee

Adept Pest Solutions provides a 2-year warranty on all of its build out/exclusion work for rodents and birds.

If our build out/exclusion work fails, we will come back out and repair the work at no additional cost.

It is understood that Adept Pest Solutions cannot provide warranties beyond a 2-year term due to these facts:
  1. We are not actively monitoring your home for conditions that are conducive to bird or rodent ingress.
  2. Due to the nature of birds and rodents, new populations may eventually gnaw or peck new entry points into your home, in which case we would recommend one of Adept Pest Solutions low costPreventative Programs which provides seasonal inspections, monitoring and treatments as needed.
  3. Renovations to your home may allow animal ingress.

If you have already signed on to an Adept Pest Solutions Preventative Program, all repairs on build out/exclusion is free for the term of the Preventative Service Agreement.